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A clean bill of health

We have received another positive inspection report from SIS

We’re delighted to report that Capernwray Bible School has received another clean bill of health following the annual visit of the Schools Inspection Service.  Here are just a few of the warm comments included in the final report, the full version of which is available on the SIS website.

“A particular strength is the school’s forward planning. This is most evident in the upkeep and development of the premises and accommodation, as well as managing staff changes. Staff recruitment procedures are good and the school has taken care to ensure smooth transitions where staff are recruited or take on new roles. This provides excellent continuity in practices.”

“The standards of teaching are good and often outstanding. Assessment procedures are a strength of the course with detailed oversight of the teaching and marking.”

“Students develop their self- knowledge, self-esteem and confidence. They behave responsibly and show a respect for human and British values, treating other members of the community with consideration.”

“The pastoral care system is effective and well organised. Students spoke very highly of the support they had received when joining the college. They particularly praised the smooth management of the college, the quality of the food and catering, as well as the pastoral support.”

“The premises and accommodation continue to be well maintained and there are plans for further developments in both the near and longer term. These plans are well supported by good management and governance.”

“Students greatly enjoy the opportunity to spend Sunday mornings with local church groups, enabling them to meet English families.”

We remain very grateful for the Lord’s grace and provision in giving us all we need to see this ministry thrive for his glory,  and to all our supporters around the world for your generosity and prayers.

This news item was posted on 31 October 2018.

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