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Update: Equipped and Men’s Weekend

Greetings from Capernwray – we hope you are well and are coping with the routine of your life at present.

Living at Capernwray has been a quite an experience since March. It has never been so quiet. Since we opened our front door to guests in 1947 there has not been such a long break between visitors coming to enjoy a visit at ‘The Hall’. Of course we all know, understand and appreciate the reasons why our programmes have been cancelled. 

We had hoped that by the end of summer we would see some normality return to our lives – but as we can see, that familiar routine is not yet with us.  With so many Bible teaching sessions making up the programmes in the week of Equipped and also over Men’s Weekend that involve gatherings of large numbers of people from different households, we have decided that we cannot deliver anything near the planned schedule. Sadly those final two holidays of our 2020 summer programme have now also been cancelled. 

We are working towards the possibility of opening Capernwray again on the weekend that Equipped was due to start, and over what would have been Men’s Weekend. If this is possible we would offer a reduced number of rooms. These weekends would be open to families or two person households in our twin rooms. We are considering how we may be able to offer some sort of Bible teaching or content in light of the ongoing restrictions on gatherings except for a few limited circumstances. Please sign up for our weekly newsletters by email here to keep up to date with our plans.

Below are the details we gave to our other guests who had booked to come to Capernwray for the other cancelled summer weeks. We hope this information is helpful and explains the process.

Your Current Booking

Please be assured that, given the circumstances, we are offering full refunds for all bookings, regardless of whether you took out cancellation cover or not. Your refund will include your deposit and the cancellation premiums. However, if you would like to donate back to Capernwray some or all of the refund due to you, that would be very welcome. You will appreciate that many of our costs continue during closure and we are grateful for any contribution, however small, towards meeting those costs. Of course if instead you prefer a full refund, we completely understand that.  Please let us know your preference as to refund and/or donation by completing the online form. If you are donating your refund and you are a UK taxpayer, you can also help us by using the same form to make a Gift Aid declaration.Capernwray is operating on a skeleton staff at present while the majority are furloughed, so please be patient with us while we process your instructions. We regret that it may take several weeks before the money appears back in your bank account or on your card.

Your Next Visit to Capernwray

One piece of good news is that Capernwray is still determined to share the good news of Jesus and teach the truth of the Bible as soon as we can. Because that has always been our mission, if we find that we are able to offer guests an opportunity to visit or stay at Capernwray during the Summer, or perhaps in the Autumn, (over weekends or mid-week) we shall do what we can to make that happen. It will not be on the scale of our usual holidays, it may only be for a small number of people, for a short time, perhaps just to rest and reflect. If we are allowed to welcome guests and we can make Capernwray a Covid-19 Secure destination, we shall endeavour to do it and provide more details when we can. 

If you think you might be interested in the possibility of visiting Capernwray later in the year, even though we cannot give any more details yet, you may choose to leave any refund due with us for transfer to a new booking for a short-notice, Covid-compliant visit, should that become possible. If you do not fill in the online form we shall assume that that is what you want to do.

Keep Up To Date With Our News

Further details will be made available on our social media channels: visit our website (where you can sign-up for weekly devotions, news and updates). Our Facebook page, Instagram and YouTube are regularly updated with news, photos and video – we hope you will enjoy keeping up to date with life at Capernwray.

2020 Holidays – You Are My Vision!

Our theme for our 2020 Holiday programme is ‘You Are My Vision (Seeing The Invisible).’ Moses, according to Hebrews 11:27, ‘persevered because he saw him who is invisible.’ Opticians measure ‘20/20 vision’ as perfect.  Most of us don’t yet enjoy that, but we can enjoy looking towards and getting to know the perfect Lord Jesus.  Although we are very sorry not to have everyone visit this summer, we hope you will find time to look towards him. (Hebrews 12:1-3)Thank you so much for your understanding and support during these difficult times. We have been so incredibly grateful for all the positive messages we have received.If you booked on behalf of other people, please send this email on to the rest of your group or family!We are so sorry that we are not able to welcome you to Capernwray as planned. 

God bless you and your family as we head towards a different summer than we all expected.

Dougie Roy

Holiday Programme & Events Manager

This news item was posted on 8 July 2020.

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