Weekends are valuable and this is one that you will consider well spent. You will be inspired, refreshed and encouraged by your experience, and leave having had the opportunity to refocus on Jesus and be equipped to live your Christian life more effectively. The weekend will contain multiple Bible teaching sessions, an optional planned programme of activities, as well as time to relax and enjoy some recreation.

Our Holidays and Events Manager, Dougie Roy, will be providing the teaching on Men’s Weekend this year and his topic will be Living with Jesus, here is a taste of what to expect:

“For the disciples ‘Living With Jesus’ must have been amazing. To get closer to the Heavenly Father by living with the Son on earth was only available for those 33 years. His life is still the best example of what a normal God-given life is supposed to look like but there were very few in that inner circle who got to live life with that amazingly ‘normal’ person! Is ‘Living With Jesus’ still on offer? In our fragile lives in this unstable world let’s consider: Is it true, is it available and is it worth it? We will look at some crucial moments in Jesus’ life on earth and will get closer to appreciating the reasons for His choices, our resistance to His commands and the reality of living with Jesus”.

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Bible teacher

Dougie Roy

More about Dougie

Dougie came to Capernwray as a teenager during holiday weeks as well as a Bible School student. He is currently our Holidays and Events Manager. Dougie loves teaching the Bible and reminding people of the simple truths of God's word.

It has been so uplifting to spend some quality time with like-minded men. The teaching was spot-on and greatly encouraged me.

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