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Sat 29 June – Sat 6 July 2019

Start your summer with a holiday that is packed full of great Bible teaching and fun activities.

Start your summer with a holiday that is packed full of great Bible teaching and a variety of activities in a beautiful location. This is a good opportunity for adults of all ages to be refreshed both physically and spiritually. Come and meet new friends and spend time with our staff.

With three day trips included you can enjoy elements of coast, countryside and city visits. If you prefer to spend time enjoying walks, or out on your motorbike, road cycling, or a more peaceful option then we have a stream in Refresh for you to do that. If you are musical we have two interesting streams to offer – develop your skills as a songwriter or as a guitarist. For those who enjoy mountain climbing see our SUMMIT holiday which happens at the same time as Refresh.

‘Loving the Lakes’ – with three day trips included in the price you can enjoy excursions to the famous Lake District, visiting some of the classic destinations, as well as some gems that are tucked away.

Cristi, our Bible Teacher for the week, will be taking us through an encouraging teaching series called ‘Encountering God on the Boulevard of Broken Dreams’. We’ll explore how, despite the difficulty and pain that life often throws at us, we have a God who is with us and for us.


Improvers Worship Guitar Course

Can you bash about on the guitar a bit? Do you know a handful of chords? Can you play a couple of your favourite (simple) worship songs? Are you stuck in a rut playing the same old rhythm for every song? 
If so, the Improvers Worship Guitar Course is for you. On the Improvers Course we look at the basic chord structures on the guitar, examine the five musical keys that guitarists use, think about some slightly more complex (7th and sus4) chords, look at some ‘cheat chords’ that all current worship leaders are using, and think about the mechanics of rhythm on the guitar, starting off from simple 8ths rhythms and moving towards more ‘funky’ 16th rhythms.  
… And on the way we’ll learn to play songs by Martin Smith (Delirious?), Matt Redman, Bethel Music, Stuart Townend, Hillsong, and a couple of proper old hymns.  
By the end of the ten sessions you can begin to lead worship songs in the context of a home group or prayer group. It is possible that more diligent students could begin to play in a church group and be able to make a contribution to the musical life of their church.

Songwriting Course

Ask a songwriter how they write songs – you often don’t get a very helpful or cohesive answer. “Well you sit around and wait for inspiration.” But what if inspiration doesn’t strike? How do I even make a start at songwriting? 
The new songwriting course has some very hands-on, practical ways of getting started with songwriting.  
The course will look at: 
• How to create a melody. 
• How to put chords to a melody. 
• Simple techniques to construct chord sequences. 
• How to write a melody to a chord sequence. 
• How to get your song down on paper.  
• Ideas for producing lyrics.  
• Making metaphors. 
• Song forms. 
• Writing melodic motives or hooks… 
… and much more.  

Low Level Walks

Fresh air and footpaths. Cairns and coffee shops. Enjoy low level walks, ending up in a tea shop. Please bring your own walking boots, wind/water proof clothing, hat, gloves, backpack, water bottle and physical fitness!


We are in an ideal location to enjoy some great rides out in the Lakes, the Dales and our own Lancashire countryside. Open to riders and owners of 125cc bikes and over, bring your own bike and fuel allowance.

Road Cycling

There are some wonderful guided bike rides available in the amazing countryside that surrounds Capernwray. We will take three or four rides out, depending on how far you want to explore. Bring along your own bike and riding gear.


Enjoy some much needed peace and quiet in our beautiful gardens, sheltered courtyard and comfortable lounges. Wander through our estate as leisurely as you like. With other guests busy off site, you have three days of your week to relax in a big way!

Bible teacher

Cristi Murgu

More about Cristi

Cristi is the Lead Pastor of Carnforth Free Methodist Church and a regular teacher at Capernwray Bible School. He is passionate about communication and community, longing to see the local church become a hub of radical discipleship. He loves good coffee, reading books, watching indie movies and listening to music.

Cristi's website

A typical day at Refresh:

8.30 Breakfast
9.30 Morning Bible Teaching
11.00 Head out for your chosen stream or relax at The Hall
13.00 Lunch or Packed Lunch
14.00 For those on ‘non activity Refresh’, relax at Capernwray
18.30 Evening Meal
20.00 Evening Bible Teaching
21.15 Beehive Coffee Shop open and late night activity

Exciting, fulfilling, inspiring! This holiday really could not be any better we will definitely be back again

The atmosphere here was excellent and the different activity options creates a good range of people and personalities

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