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Arrival times, pick-ups, pets and other arrangements — good to know.

What time should I arrive?

Your room will be ready for you by 4.00 pm on the first day. If transport arrangements require you to arrive earlier, you will be welcome to sit and relax in one of our lounge areas until that time.

Please let us know if you are not going to arrive in time for the evening meal on your arrival day (6.00pm in all holidays except 6.30pm on Men’s Weekend and 7.00pm for Ladies Weekend). We can’t keep hot food for too long, and we’d like to be able to make alternative arrangements for you if we can.

Train or bus pick-up

We can collect you from the train station or bus stop in Carnforth. Please let us know in good time if this is something you would like to arrange.

Day visitors

It is sometimes possible to attend certain holidays as a day visitor. Please contact our holidays administrator to discuss this.


Sadly we cannot allow you to bring any dogs, cats or other pets, except for service animals.

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