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Every holiday includes at least one inspiring worship and encouraging Bible teaching session each day. There could be breakfast devotions, campfire services, reflective times, seminars or question and answer sessions, depending on the varied and creative programme.

Some holidays, like Equipped, have more than this, for an experience to stretch your mind and heart. Other breaks keep the study content short and light: ideal if you need a rest from anything too academic, but still want to focus on God in the space and beautiful surroundings.

Bible teachers

Allan Ellershaw

More about Allan

Allan served as an Ordained Free Methodist Minister for 40 years before retiring from pastoral ministry in 2017. He has served as a minister in Preston and from 1995 to 2012 he oversaw the work of the Free Methodist Church for the whole of the United Kingdom. He and his wife Sue moved to Carnforth in 2009 to focus on ministry in North West England.

Charles Price

More about Charles

A former Principal of Capernwray Bible School Charles has recently retired from pastoral ministry in Canada after being an international Bible teacher reaching an audience of millions around the globe. As well as speaking at many Christian events throughout the UK Charles is also a published author.

Sample talk by Charles

Debbi Fralick

More about Debbi

Debbi is a Bible Teacher and Content Editor for Our Daily Bread Ministries. She loves opening up God’s Word to help people explore what it really means to be a Christian in today’s world. Debbi is also a freelance artist.

Debbi’s website

Sample talk by Debbi

Derek Burnside

More about Derek

Derek Burnside is the Principal of Capernwray Bible School. He’s married to Penny, is a member of St Cuthbert’s Church in Over Kellet, and when not working enjoys cycling, swimming, squash, tennis, reading, film and theatre.

Sample talk by Derek

Dougie Roy

More about Dougie

Dougie came to Capernwray as a teenager during holiday weeks as well as a Bible School student. He is currently our Holidays and Events Manager. Dougie loves teaching the Bible and reminding people of the simple truths of God’s word.

Dougie Simpson

More about Dougie

Dougie works at Deeside Christian Fellowship Church where he has responsibility for children, youth and student work. He is married to Susan and they have 3 children. When not serving the church, Dougie can be found being a climbing frame for his family, on the football pitch, or on the golf course; and boy does he like food!

Dougie’s website

John Allan

More about John

John has been teaching at Capernwray for many years and brings a great wealth of experience and knowledge to his lectures.

Jon Bilton

More about Jon

Jon is a church leader and secondary school teacher in South Wales who is passionate about young people, and is passionate about Jesus! Jon has been a regular visitor to Caperwray over the past ten years, and this time is looking forward to bringing his wife, Rachel, and their three kids: Joshua, Micah and Sara. When not on childcare duty Jon loves hiking and biking across the beautiful Welsh valleys, or using power tools to build stuff in his shed!

Michael Cornall

More about Michael

Michael has been the Pastor of Hope Church near Wigan for almost 10 years. He is married to Holly and they have two children, Sophia and Joshua. Michael loves pointing people to Jesus through teaching the Bible. He enjoys most sports and outdoors activities.

Michael’s website

Rob Whittaker

More about Rob

Rob has been at Capernwray for many years and previously served as our Principal. He is an internationally renowned speaker, bringing a wealth of experience to his role. Rob has some amazing teaching series, a particular highlight being Getting the King out of the Boy.

Sample talk by Rob

Some of our Bible teachers and speakers have national or international teaching ministries. All have a passion for communicating the gospel and spreading the love of Jesus Christ.

You can purchase audio recordings of our Bible teaching sessions here. We have an extensive catalogue that features many past and present Bible teachers including Derek Burnside, Rob Whittaker and Sue Gilmore

We aim to tailor our teaching to suit those who come, covering a variety of topics and Bible books. We deal with practical issues that are relevant to life in today’s world, and hope to help you live as a productive and effective Christian, whatever your age or circumstances.

The speakers and topics vary; see each holiday’s detail page for more.

What if I’m not a Christian?

You’re most welcome! 

We do expect all our guests to attend the meetings during their holiday. You don’t have to believe everything you hear — we just ask you to come with an open mind.

If you have questions about our faith, we’ll be very happy to discuss them with you during your stay, or you can ask us by email…

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