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Apply now for June or September 2023

Our new Ministry Assistant programme, SaLT (Serving and Leadership Training) is a one-year residential volunteering opportunity that provides experience and training for developing Christians to live, serve and lead well in all walks of life. We are committed to training and equipping men and women for service in His Church worldwide. The SaLT programme is a wonderful chance to discover and develop your giftings and have the opportunity to be actively involved in helping us prepare and run every aspect of our ministry.

As a Ministry Assistant (MA) you will help with the delivery of every aspect of our Bible School and Holidays ministry. You will be organising activities and washing the dishes, you will be praying with a student and locking up the building, you will be creating seating plans and sharing your testimony. Through all these things you will be working at the very heart of all that we do, and this experience will bring you great joy and a sense of satisfaction from serving others.

While living on-site in shared dormitory accommodation you are expected to engage fully in all that Christian community life offers. All meals are provided. As you serve, there will be opportunities to participate in prayer meetings and Bible studies, community worship and to attend a local church. A support programme specifically for our voluntary workers includes a weekly gathering for training or Bible study, social activities, small ‘family’ groups, as well as a designated prayer partner.

General Duties:

  • Active involvement in preparing and delivering our Bible School programme.
  • Being available for the needs of students and guests, both routinely and spontaneously
  • Eating meals with students and guests, and giving announcements when required
  • Carrying out administrative tasks
  • Fulfilling duties in the Housekeeping, Hospitality, Administration, Sports, Grounds and Maintenance departments as designated or as chosen by you eg. if you are a lifeguard, driver or gardener.
  • Assisting with the delivery of social, outreach and (gifting and preference permitting) teaching
  • Activities during Bible School and the delivery of general activities during Holidays
  • Caring for the facilities and evening lock-up responsibilities.

Areas of Responsibility:

  • Discernment and sensitivity to the needs of students and guests.
  • Initiative in taking leadership and problem solving as issues arise
  • Enforcing rules outlines in student handbook
  • Pastoral care for guests and students as needed
  • Contributing to the whole staff and voluntary worker community (attending, and where
  • appropriate, leading meetings, Bible studies, socials, training and general discipleship)
  • Setting an example in church attendance.

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