The history of Torchbearers can be traced back to brokenness, when Major W. Ian Thomas came to the end of himself in his own effort to please God. It was right at that point where Christ began to produce what has become a fellowship of like-minded people who have also discovered that the only One who is able to produce true godliness is God Himself.

Torchbearers International Staff Conference, 2022

The Torchbearers centres which are now scattered around the world are merely a testimony to the risen Christ bringing into being that which otherwise could not have been. Regardless of your background, we welcome you to join us for the programme which best suits your needs at any one of our 25 centres. We are international and interdenominational by nature and deeply appreciate the freedom to keep the Person of Christ in the middle of our teaching and fellowship, instead of those things which too often divides us. 

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