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What holidays and dates are you planning?

Sadly it is not going to be possible to run our hoped-for EASTER Programme except the Ladies Evening Online on 20 March at 7pm.

What about the Summer?

We still hope to run a Summer Programme but we are keeping it under review.  It may look like:

Escape to Capernwray 1 (Adults and families), Saturday 3 – Friday 9 July
Escape to Capernwray 2 (Adults and families), Saturday 10 – Friday 16 July
International Youth Week 1 (14-17s), Saturday 17 – Saturday 24 July
International Youth Week 2 (14-17s) Saturday, 24 – Saturday 31 July
Escape to Capernwray 3 (Adults and families), Saturday 7 – Friday 13 August
Escape to Capernwray 4 (Adults and families), Saturday 14 – Friday 20 August
One Parent Family Week, Saturday 21 – Friday 27 August
Equipped (Adults), Saturday 28 August – Friday 3 September
Men’s Weekend (Adults), Friday 3 – Sunday 5 September

We will also be running two Winter Holidays:

Introducing Israel (Adults), Thursday 11 – Thursday 18 November
New Year Starter (Adults and families), Wednesday 29 December – Monday 3 January

Are the Summer Holidays definitely going ahead?

We hope very much that at least some of them will, but obviously it is difficult to plan for anything with certainty at the moment.  We may have to change our plans and what holidays we can offer and the length of each holiday depending on the Government guidance for travel, conference and hospitality venues.  But we will do what we can to have holiday guests back at Capernwray and once the situation is clearer, we shall give further information and say when booking opens.

When will you publish further details including prices?

We will publish further details as soon as we have more certainty, but that is unlikely to be before March 2021.

When do bookings start?

We won’t open bookings until we are confident that the holidays can go ahead. Booking will not open before 1 April 2021.  Please sign-up for our weekly e-newsletter and/or check this website for updates. 

How many people can book in?

We hope to welcome as many guests as we can safely accommodate, in accordance with whatever guidance the Government has in place on social distancing and households. That may mean that not every room can be occupied.

Can I share rooms with other guests who are not in my household?

We will be following the relevant Government regulations and guidance in force during the planned holiday, so it is impossible to say what will be permitted at this present moment in time.  

Can we share tables with other guests?

We have usually had 8 people at each table. If those were all from the same household that would be fine. It might be that those numbers are reduced – but we have lots of space in our Dining Room for more tables, or different sittings if necessary!

Will we be able to sing?

We will be following the relevant Government regulations and guidance in force at the time, so at this distance in time it is impossible to say what will be permitted and how that might impact the programme we can offer.

Will there be Bible-teaching?

Proclaiming Jesus Christ through biblical teaching is at the heart of all we do at Capernwray, so we can guarantee that in some form or other there will be Bible teaching at the heart of each of these holidays.

What will the rest of the programme be like?

We hope to run as many of our normal Capernwray activities as we safely can, though this will be dependent upon the relevant Government regulations and guidance in force at the time. We always like to include new activities, and if they need to be run at a safe distance then we will look forward to that!

Why are they starting on a Saturday and finishing on a Friday in the summer weeks?

We have had to increase the amount of time needed to get the site clean and ready for the arrival of the next group of guests and also to manage the staffing schedule appropriately.  Only the Youth weeks will be Saturday to Saturday.

How will the Ladies Getaway Online work?
Saturday 20 March at 7pm featuring Ann Absolom and your favourite bits of Capernwray.  Further details here.

What is ‘Escape to Capernwray’?

The ‘Escape’ weeks are for families to come away together, and also for adults without families to join the Capernwray community.  Not only can you get away for a few days from your home environment and explore the areas of outstanding natural beauty that surround Capernwray, there will be daily Bible teaching and we hope to offer a variety of suitable activities.  These holidays are designed for you to get away from your home environment and explore the areas of outstanding natural beauty that surround Capernwray. There will be lots of free time for you to head off and enjoy God’s creation in Lancashire, the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District National Parks.

Why are there only two International Youth Weeks?

Since it is not clear whether we will be able to run our Youth Weeks yet we have put just two on the programme for the summer. We are looking forward to returning to all that we know teens love about these weeks from past summers. 

What has happened to Connect?

Connect in 2021 is gone, but not forgotten! We are so sad to face the fact that as schools have cancelled all residential trips for children we need to be following that guidance with Connect. We look forward to having a week for those 11-13 years olds back on our programme again as soon as possible.

What has happened to Refresh and Family Weeks?

We are running a different programme for 2021, so we invite families and adults to join us at the ‘Escape to Capernwray’ holidays.

Will you be Covid-secure?

Capernwray already carries the “We’re Good To Go” official mark from Visit England that recognises we are following the Government and industry COVID-19 guidelines, and that we have processes in place to maintain cleanliness and aid social distancing. We have also passed a Health and Safety Executive spot check which affirmed the measures we have implemented make us Covid-secure for our current Bible School.

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