The Bible is the main way God speaks to us today, so we hold it in the highest regard. All our lectures are based on faithful exposition of the Scriptures; we dig both wide and deep into God’s word. We strike a balance between Old and New Testaments, and also cover practical topics about the Church and Christian life.

Through lectures, as well as discussions and conversations with fellow students, I have challenged and worked out aspects of my faith that I had not yet explored and have been able to find lifelong friends who can support me in my personal walk with God.

Elaina, Bible School Student

See each of our courses for the list of topics they cover or sample a range of teaching by watching the videos below. Further videos are available through the page links in the top menu of this page or you can head over to our YouTube channel:

YouTube video

I’m in Christ and He’s in Me
Derek Burnside

Being In Christ is one of the Bible most used expression to describe the life of the Christian. This idea has been absolutely foundational for the ministry of Capernwray and the wider work of Torchbearers International for over seventy years. In this series Derek Burnside, our Bible School Principal, unpacks what it means theologically to be In Christ and more importantly how it practically impacts the life of the believer when we say that Christ is also in us.

YouTube video

Getting the King out of the Boy
Rob Whittaker

King David is one of the most colourful characters of the Old Testament and serves as a picture of Christ in the minds of the New Testament writers. But it is his personal story of triumph in the midst of adversity that brings much inspiration and encouragement to us as Christians today. Through this series Rob Whittaker, unpacks some of the key ways in which David is moulded, shaped and guided by God into a key player and how this relates to us.

YouTube video

The Life of Elisha
Steve Volle

Steve Volle, Principal of Bodenseehof, teaches about the Life of Elisha through a series of lectures which centre around a symbol. As Steve explains, in the Ancient Near East a symbol often functions as a sermon and we often miss these clues in our Western culture. In this series Steve seeks to correct this by looking at key symbols in the story of Elisha and explaining how they give depth not only to the original narrative but also how they point towards Christ.

You can purchase audio recordings of our lectures here. We have an extensive catalogue that features many past and present lecturers including Rob Whittaker, Stuart and Jill Briscoe, and Billy Strachan.

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Vimeo video

We feel that it is vitally important that our biblical teaching is not separated from the demands and challenges of everyday life. Consequently the majority of our visiting bible teachers come from a variety of current or recent ministry backgrounds. Although their roles may range from local church pastors to international evangelists they all bring a wealth of personal experience which enriches their teaching and practically equips the students.

Bible teachers

Andy Jack

More about Andy

Andy is Care Pastor at Deeside Christian Fellowship Church. His training for Christian ministry has included two years at All Nations Christian College, the Cornhill Training Course, a masters in Biblical studies from Trinity Seminary in Indiana and more recently a two year course in Biblical Counselling.

Andy’s website

Andy Woof

More about Andy

Andy and his wife Tina and we have two young boys. They live in Garstang (between Lancaster and Preston) where Andy is a Pastor at Garstang Free Methodist Church. As a couple they love the Church, and see it as such a privilege to serve God’s people.

Andy’s website

Charles Price

More about Charles

A former Principal of Capernwray Bible School Charles has recently retired from pastoral ministry in Canada after being an international Bible teacher reaching an audience of millions around the globe. As well as speaking at many Christian events throughout the UK Charles is also a published author.

Sample talk by Charles

Cristi Murgu

More about Cristi

Cristi is the Lead Pastor of Carnforth Free Methodist Church and a regular teacher at Capernwray Bible School. He is passionate about communication and community, longing to see the local church become a hub of radical discipleship. He loves good coffee, reading books, watching indie movies and listening to music.

Cristi’s website

Dave Bookless

More about Dave

Dave’s passion is communicating biblical teaching to today’s cultures, and he has spoken in many countries to conferences, colleges and churches. He has contributed to many books and has authored two: Planetwise – Dare to Care for God’s World (IVP, 2008) and God Doesn’t do Waste (IVP, 2010), selected by Third Way magazine as one of its books of the year for 2010.

Dave’s website

Debbi Fralick

More about Debbi

Debbi is a Bible Teacher and Content Editor for Our Daily Bread Ministries. She loves opening up God’s Word to help people explore what it really means to be a Christian in today’s world. Debbi is also a freelance artist.

Debbi’s website

Sample talk by Debbi

Derek Burnside

More about Derek

Derek Burnside is the Principal of Capernwray Bible School. He’s married to Penny, is a member of St Cuthbert’s Church in Over Kellet, and when not working enjoys cycling, swimming, squash, tennis, reading, film and theatre.

Sample talk by Derek

Elaine Duncan

More about Elaine

Elaine is the Chief Executive of the Scottish Bible Society. She is enthusiastic about people having a Bible in their own language, helping people understand it and grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ through it. The focus of her work has always been to encourage people to know God better as they interact with his Word.

Elaine’s website

Frank Cirone

More about Frank

Originally from Rhinebeck, New York, Frank had the privilege of travelling with Major Ian Thomas for 18 months after high school and then attending Capernwray Hall in England and Holsby in Sweden. Frank graduated from Philadelphia Biblical University with a BS in Biblical Education in 1989 prior to joining the staff at Ravencrest Chalet. He holds a Master’s Degree in Christian Leadership from Denver Seminary. He is passionate about sharing Christ in any setting and loves connecting with people for coffee.  Frank and his wife, Krista, have four grown children.

Frank’s website

Hester Martin

More about Hester

Hester first walked through the old front door of the Hall as a 10-year-old. Capernwray holidays have been significant for her walk with the Lord, both as a guest and volunteer. Hester’s role includes Women’s pastoral care, netball coaching and Capernwray missions, as well as teaching regularly on our Route Planners.

Iain Clements

More about Iain

Ian trained at Oak Hill Theological College in London, and then worked for a couple of churches in London before heading up north to Beverley where he lives with Rachel, his wife.

Iain’s website

Ian Ellershaw

More about Ian

Ian is the Community Pastor of Carnforth Free Methodists. He was born and brought up on a small sheep farm in North Yorkshire and shepherding has always been a passion of his. He attended university in Lancaster before coming to Capernwray Bible School as a student in 2005 and spent a further 14 years as a staff member.

Sample talk by Ian

Jemma Wraight

More about Jemma

Jemma is the Outreach Coordinator at Capernwray Bible School. She is married to Matt and they live with their son at Capernwray.

John Allan

More about John

John has been teaching at Capernwray for many years and brings a great wealth of experience and knowledge to his lectures.

Jonathan Halsey

More about Jonathan

Jonathan works as a commercial lawyer. As former Managing Director of Capernwray and Principal at Tauernhof Bible School, he continues to enjoy a speaking and teaching ministry. He is married to Claire and they have three young children. He loves to go for a run or head for the mountains when he can!

Sample talk by Jonathan

Judith Derani

More about Judith

Judith was a voluntary worker at Capernwray before attending university to study science. She now uses her knowledge and experience as a scientist to add depth to her teaching about the beliefs of the Christian faith.

This speaker has no photo

Katrina Goode

Kim Lee

More about Kim

Kim is the Student Studies Coordinator at Capernwray Bible School. She lectures on the topics of Prayer and World Religions on the Bible School programme and is part of the Holidays Guest Team.

Mark Thomas

More about Mark

Mark is the Director Emeritus of Capernwray. He is the second eldest son of founder Major Ian Thomas and was Managing Director of Capernwray for over 30 years.

Matthew Skirton

More about Matthew

Matthew Skirton is from the UK but has spent more than half of his life serving in Eastern Europe. Together with his wife, Helen, he pioneered OM’s work in Moldova in the mid-1990s, handing over field leadership in March 2015. He also served as Regional Leader for OM in Eastern Europe for seven years. Matthew took on the role of UK Chief Executive of OM in 2016.

Matty Wraight

More about Matty

Matty is responsible for taking care of the pastoral needs of the students, in particular the male students. He was previously a careers coach for a company called Positive Footprints and planted a church in Burnley called New Hope which was part of a wider charity called Burnley Pioneer Project.

Nathan Weston

More about Nathan

Nathan is the Associate Pastor of Moorlands Church in Lancaster. In his spare time Nathan enjoys highly dangerous extreme sports, such as birdwatching, reading, doing crosswords and listening to Test Match Special.

Paul Keeys

More about Paul

Paul is the UK Director of Walk Through the Bible Ministries. His continually growing passion is to see people reached with the Word of God.

Paul’s website

Peter Reid

More about Peter

Peter is the Director of Bodenseehof and General Director of Torchbearers International. Discovering that Christ did not just die for us but rose to live in us changed his life as a Christian and it has been a discovery he has been re-learning ever since.

Peter’s website

Rob Whittaker

More about Rob

Rob has been at Capernwray for many years and previously served as our Principal. He is an internationally renowned speaker, bringing a wealth of experience to his role. Rob has some amazing teaching series, a particular highlight being Getting the King out of the Boy.

Sample talk by Rob

Seidel Abel Boanerges

More about Seidel

Seidel is a Lecturer in Theology at Spurgeon’s College, London. He teaches in the areas of Christian mission, evangelism, apologetics, world religions, preaching and ministerial training.

Seidel’s website

Sample talk by Seidel

Simon Byrne

More about Simon

Simon is the Teaching & Outreach Manager for True Freedom Trust, a charity that offers pastoral support and biblical teaching on same-sex attractions. Simon holds a GDip in Theology from the University of Chester and is currently studying towards an MA with Union Theological College. He regularly speaks at churches, bible colleges and other events across the UK.

Simon’s website

Steve Volle

More about Steve

Steve is the Bible School Principal of Bodenseehof, another Torchbearers International centre in Germany. Steve is passionate about sharing the truth of the Bible in new and creative ways.

Tony Brown

More about Tony

Formerly a Pastor, Tony is now an itinerant evangelist to those caught in New Religious Movements. As a former JW, he is keen to help Christians share the truth in love with those trapped in falsehood. Tony and his wife Cath, live in Bradford and together they have three children.

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