As a student, you’ll live in a loving and caring community of over 150 fellow students and around 50 members of staff. The experience will transform you, and most people leave having made life-long friends from around the world. You will also be part of a family group, interactive group and New Testament group, meeting each week. These groups are brilliant for building strong relationships.

Family groups

Your family group will be led by two or three staff members, and will meet to pray and share together each Wednesday morning. Your group leader will look out for your well-being and be happy to talk over personal matters with you if you want to. Family group leaders also arrange occasional social events each term on a Friday evening.

Interactive groups

Your interactive group will only have students in it, and will usually be made up of people of the same nationality as you. They are a place to discuss issues that come up from studying at the Bible School, share thoughts and ideas about the Bible content, and a great opportunity to exercise leadership skills.

New Testament discussion groups

These groups, which take place in Winter School only, look at and discuss issues surrounding the New Testament scriptures with a particular focus on the letters of Paul. These groups are also student led and provide similar leading and learning opportunities as the interactive groups. They are vital in embedding learning that has arisen during lectures and help students form practical patterns for life based upon the Bible.

Pastoral care

We want to do our utmost to care for you whilst you are with us. Every one of us is different and we come from a range of backgrounds and with varied experience. You may come to Bible School with issues you are already aware of, or as you develop and deepen your relationship with Jesus, other issues may arise. We will assist you in any way we can.

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