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If you need to make a further payment for a holiday you’ve already booked on, you can do it either by Bank Transfer or Credit Card payment. 

It would help us greatly if you could settle your outstanding fees by paying directly into our bank account (Bank Transfer). You can of course pay by credit card if you wish, but it does cost us approximately 2% in charges, so direct payment is beneficial. The level of payments received by credit card will have a direct influence on future prices.

Bank Transfer

Bank Transfers are easy to set up through online banking or by contacting your bank by phone or in person. Please use your holiday name as the reference, e.g. Family Week 2.

From the UK:
Account: CMFOT
Sort Code: 01-01-60
Account no. 94905924

From overseas:
Account: CMFOT
IBAN: GB97 NWBK 010160 94905924 (Europe)
Account no: 94905924

Credit Card

To pay by credit Card Card please use our online form.

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