We are grateful for all the people who regularly remember the work, staff, guests and students in prayer.


  • We praise God for over 120 applications for our Winter Bible School, starting in September.
  • Please pray that our new students would quickly feel at home, for many this is a new culture for them, and the warmth of love and fellowship


  • We praise God who has answered prayers in bringing many young folks and adults to Him for the first time, and many more closer to Him through this holiday season.
  • We thank God that we continue to enjoy the freedom to teach and share the gospel in this country – we don’t take it for granted.
  • Please pray that our guests would be refreshed and encouraged by the Bible teaching, activities and community.


  • We look back on a wonderful first year of our Serving and Leadership Training (SaLT) programme and thank God for the Ministry Assistants (MAs) who have blessed us in so many ways. Please pray for us as we get ready to welcome 21 new MAs who will begin their SaLT year with us on the 13th September and begin to discover what a life serving Christ can look like.
  • Please pray for the successful hiring of new staff to fill our current vacancies.
  • We praise God for the provision of our short term and day voluntary workers during our summer holiday season and their willingness to serve.
  • Pray for all our staff and voluntary workers, that we lean on God for His strength and provision during a busy summer holiday season. Please pray for rest before our Winter Bible School starts on 25 September.


  • We praise God for our donors and supporters and thank Him for knowing our needs and providing according to His riches and will.


We regularly meet to pray for everything that is connected to our ministry and that includes you. Please let us know if there is anything specific we could pray about.

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