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Christian Holidays

Adults, young people and families – join us for inspirational Bible teaching, good food and a chance to relax and recharge.


We are so thankful for the positive news about decreasing Covid infections in the UK and are greatly looking forward to the easing of restrictions in England as the second step of the Government’s Roadmap is taken.

As you will know it is our hope to have holiday guests with us once again at Capernwray this summer and a lot of planning and preparation is currently taking place. But, as you will also appreciate, there is still a lot of uncertainty about when we can open and what things will look like when we do.

We knew we could not open holiday bookings before 12 April, and we now feel it wise to hold off just a little longer. We want to be able to offer you the best experience possible and hope that opening bookings at the beginning of May might allow for more clarity about what our holiday programme will look like, and enable you to make a better informed booking.

If you sign up to receive our newsletters we will email you when we announce the exact date that bookings will open and if we have any further news to share. We will keep you up to date on our programme here and on our social media pages, and we have updated our Frequently Asked Questions to give you more detail on our current plans.

THEME: ‘From a Distance!’

All of us have had to get used to staying apart from people, and although we can’t wait to see you, we will be running our holidays under the theme ‘From A Distance!’ The reason is that we want to help you evaluate where you are in your relationship with others, and more importantly with Jesus Christ. But remember a distance can be very small, or very large, so being able to recognise and adjust your distance from God will help you navigate these unusual times and beyond.

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I love going to Capernwray on holiday, it is like getting a taste of heaven on earth.

It was such a blessing for me and my family, the kids are talking about it everyday, we will definitely be back.

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