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Christian Holidays

Adults, young people and families – join us for inspirational Bible teaching, fun activities and a chance to relax and recharge.

A REVISED programmE

We have missed having guests at Capernwray this year so much, and we would love to see people here again this year. As you can imagine, deciding upon what holidays we can offer in the current climate has been a complicated process, but we are hoping that our proposed selection of holidays will run next year.

In planning our programme of holidays we have anticipated that the weeks just for young people will be the last holidays to return. Unfortunately this means that Connect, our 11-13 year old week that usually runs at Easter, is missing. Instead we are opting for a Family Getaway along with an Adult Getaway and a Ladies Getaway during that break. We are also looking at making our Ladies Getaway accessible on-line for those who can’t be with us in person.

Adults and Families can also come and join us in the Summer on our Escape to Capernwray weeks, merging the Refresh holiday with our Family Weeks to hopefully provide more options. We also plan to run two International Youth Weeks alongside the usual One Parent Family Week, Equipped and Men’s Weekend. As always we hope to end the year with New Year Starter.

THEME: ‘From a Distance!’

All of us have had to get used to staying apart from people this year, and although we can’t wait to see you, we will be running our holidays under the theme ‘From A Distance!’ The reason is that we want to help you evaluate where you are in your relationship with others, and more importantly with Jesus Christ. But remember a distance can be very small, or very large, so being able to recognise and adjust your distance from God will help you navigate these unusual times and beyond.


Ladies Getaway (including online option) 19-23 March
Adults Getaway 26-29 March
Family Getaway 1-6 April

Escape to Capernwray 1 (Adults and families) 3-9 July
Escape to Capernwray 2 (Adults and families) 10-16 July
International Youth Week 1 (14-17s) 17-24 July
International Youth Week 2 (14-17s) 24-31 July
Escape to Capernwray 3 (Adults and families) 7-13 August
Escape to Capernwray 4 (Adults and families) 14-20 August
One Parent Family Week 21-27 August
Equipped (Adults) 28 August-3 September
Men’s Weekend (Adults) 3-5 September

Introducing Israel (Adults) 11-18 November
New Year Starter (Adults and families) 29 December-3 January

what’s next?

We plan to open bookings for the Spring/Easter Holidays on Monday 1 February and for the Summer Holidays on Monday 1 March, but that will be dependent upon whether we are confident that the holidays can go ahead.

We anticipate that you might have some questions regarding the changes to the holiday programme and how we are planning to run holidays in this uncertain climate. Please take a look at our FAQ page in the first instance, but please get in touch if you have any additional questions. Also take a look at the video below from Dougie Roy, our Holidays and Events Manager.

Please be assured that we are doing all that we can to make sure these holidays run next year and that we can have holiday guests back at Capernwray, if you want to be notified as soon as we make any further announcements then sign up to receive our newsletter. In the meantime you can read about what we have done to make our site Covid-secure or you can download a flyer .

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I love going to Capernwray on holiday, it is like getting a taste of heaven on earth.

It was such a blessing for me and my family, the kids are talking about it everyday, we will definitely be back.

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