King David is one of the most colourful and talked about characters of the Old Testament. He also serves as a fundamental picture of Christ in the minds of the New Testament writers. But it is his personal story of triumph in the midst of adversity that can bring so much inspiration and encouragement to us as Christians today. In this series Rob Whittaker, a past Capernwray Principal, unpacks some of the key ways in which David is moulded, shaped and guided by God into a key player and how this relates to us.

The full series of Getting the King out of the Boy is available on our YouTube channel.

In this first lecture Rob looks at what it means for David to be a key player and how God puts him through a training programme that almost kills him. Rob also asks the question of how God equips us for action both now and in the afterlife.

In this second lecture Rob starts to look at how God chooses people. Using the life of David as the backdrop, he focusses on the making of a key player in God’s kingdom and how this process often takes place in the everyday moments of life.

In this third lecture Rob explores further the reasons for God choosing David and the implications that has for us as being chosen by God.

In this fourth lecture Rob looks at the reasons why God chooses someone and how to recognise what being chosen by God means theologically.

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