Being In Christ is one of the Bible most used expression to describe the life of the Christian. This idea has been absolutely foundational for the ministry of Capernwray and the wider work of Torchbearers International for over seventy years. In this series Derek Burnside, our Bible School Principal, unpacks what it means theologically to be In Christ and more importantly how it practically impacts the life of the believer when we say that Christ is also in us.

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Derek introduces the by exploring what a glorious reality it really is. He looks at the theological concept from a number of different angles to fully demonstrate how absolutely foundational this is to being a Christian.

In this second lecture of the series Derek continues to explore the idea of being ‘In Christ’ as something that should give us an absolute confidence that we are safe in the hands of God.

Derek explores how being ‘In Christ’ should convey to us the magnitude of the love that God has for every Christian.

In this final lecture Derek unpacks how being ‘In Christ’ has an incredibly powerful effect on the life of the believer and how they will never be the same again.

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