Steve Volle, the Bible School Principal of Bodenseehof, teaches our Spring School students about the Life of Elisha through a series of lectures which centre around a symbol. As Steve explains, in the Ancient Near East a symbol often functions as a sermon and we often miss these clues in our Western culture. Through this series Steve seeks to correct this issue by looking at the key symbols in the story of Elisha and explaining how they give depth not only to the original narrative but also how they serve as pointers towards Christ and our life with him.

We also regularly post lectures on our YouTube channel.

Steve introduces the teaching series on the Life of the Elisha with the initial commissioning of Elisha by Elijah. The event which takes places in 1 Kings 19 records how Elijah passes by and casts his cloak on Elisha. Steve explores what this meant then and also how we can relate to it today as Christians.

Steve continues the teaching series on the Life of the Elisha where a symbol is a sermon. In this lecture Steve explores what this significance of Elijah sacrificing his oxen after being commissioned in the ministry of a prophet by Elijah. Steve also looks at what this means for us today as Christians.

In this third lecture in the tour of the life of Elisha where a symbol is a sermon, Steve explores the connection between salt and the covenant. This vital aspect not only has deep significance for the story of Elisha but also for us and our relationship with Christ.

In this fourth lecture Steve explores the role of the harp symbol in the story of the Elisha. The instrument itself in a sense is not that important but it is a significant pointer towards the importance of worship in the life of Elisha and a challenge for us to have a similar attitude.

In this lecture Steve explores the fifth and final symbol in the story of Elisha and this time it is the symbol of sacrifice. As Steve explains sacrifice was an absolute and detailed necessity in the life of Elisha but because of Jesus this has taken a whole different level of significance for us.

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