How academic do I need to be to study at Capernwray?

Since its beginning, Capernwray Bible School has always focussed more on a person’s spiritual growth and relationship with the Lord Jesus than on passing tests, assignments or exams.  Having said that, we are a Bible School, and there are a number of assignments to complete, books to read and lectures to listen to and process.  Almost every student will be entered onto the ‘Foundations in Christian Living’ (Winter School) or ‘Principles in Christian Living’ (Spring School) courses, which lead to an NQF Level 3 qualification accredited by the Northern College of Further Education (NCFE).  Every student will need to come with the willingness to work hard at their studies, and most students who come with that attitude do succeed.  Capernwray sets no specific entrance requirements to study with us, but if you are concerned about whether you’ll have the academic ability to succeed here, please raise those concerns when you apply, and we’ll contact you to discuss it. We do provide one-to-one assistance for students who request it and need help with their work.

How good does my English need to be to study at Capernwray?

A good level of English proficiency is necessary to study at Capernwray, otherwise it can be a frustrating and lonely experience. If you have any concerns then please get in touch with us so we can discuss this further and advise you appropriately.

Can I still study at Capernwray if I have Special Educational Needs?

We strive to make studying at Capernwray as accessible as possible for as many as possible.  Let us know the nature and extent of your SEN when you apply, and if we think it requires further discussion before we accept you, we’ll be in touch.

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