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Platinum Jubilee Project

Details of our plans to renovate a number of key areas in and around the Main Hall.


We are so thankful for the wonderful premises and facilities we enjoy at Capernwray and recognise that buildings like the Dining Hall, Sports Hall, Swimming Pool and Conference Hall were only possible due to your generous and faithful giving and the Lord’s blessing.

The vision behind the Platinum Jubilee project was to update and improve some of the facilities in and around the Main Hall, in particular. A ‘Platinum Jubilee’ can be either 70 or 75 years and so the name resonated with us, as the Project began in 2017, 70 years after the first guests stayed at Capernwray Hall.

Since 2017 we have received £108,357 in donations designated specifically for the Platinum Jubilee Project, for which we are so thankful. Your generosity has helped to make the following possible:

  • Repairing and redecorating the Lounge Hall;
  • A new Bookshop (located in what was once Dining Room 3);
  • A new, light and open Reception with a back Office (located in what was the old Bookshop);
  • A refurbished Office (formerly the Reception and old Office);
  • A new swimming pool roof;
  • Underpinning work to the Stable area (where our coffee shop, the Beehive is located);
  • Improved drainage and surfacing the front drive.

We are so very thankful for these great improvements which guests and students have already been enjoying!

The intention had been to renovate the bedrooms and shower facilities in the Beehive area, with work having been anticipated to begin in the autumn of 2020. However, the implications of the Coronavirus Pandemic and the associated considerable loss of income have meant that all such plans are on hold at this time.

We would therefore please ask that if you are seeking to support us financially, then any gifts are not designated at this time as being purely for the Platinum Jubilee Project. It is our desire to be able to return to this Project in the future, so do keep your eyes out for any developments.

In the meantime, thank you so much again for all your prayers and financial support and please see the photo gallery to show the valuable progress made so far.







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