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Sat 31 August – Fri 6 September 2019

Finish the Summer with a holiday full of great Bible teaching and the opportunity to relax, rest and recharge in beautiful surroundings.

As the end of summer approaches, we have one more week to offer all those who want to bring Light and Life to the world they live in. We are here to help you understand the message of the Bible, practically work through difficult passages and invite and help you into a relationship with Jesus Christ that allows you to live the life that He created you to live. To do that – we ALL need to be EQUIPPED!

We’ll spend a great week together relaxing, enjoying activities and worshipping.  Through Bible teaching, conversation, reflection and the Spirit’s inspiration we’ll gain the insight and understanding needed to be ’servants of God thoroughly equipped for every good work’ (2 Tim. 3:17).

Bible Teachers and Topics

Derek Burnside – Equipped to Serve
God has good works prepared in advance for all of us to get stuck in to, meaning our lives will bear fruit that lasts into eternity.  That’s exciting – and sometimes a bit scary. Good news, though; through the Spirit he has given us just the right tools for the job.  Derek’s sessions will explore spiritual gifts: what they are, how we get them, how we know what ours are, and how to use them faithfully, biblically, consistently and fruitfully.

Seidel Abel Boanerges – How to Answer Tough Questions
As Christians we often face tough questions about our faith. Come and explore with Seidel some of the toughest questions about the Christian faith such as the existence of God, the reliability of the Bible, are miracles real? Or why does God allow pain and suffering? The teaching along with the discussions and case studies will equip you to be confident of your Christian faith and to share the gospel with non-believers with coherence and relevance.

Jemma Wraight – The Heart of a Pioneer
Jemma will help us rediscover the role of the Church in a fast changing culture. We will discuss how the people of Jesus keep distinctive missional values in a world full of change and uncertainty. We will explore an incarnational approach to ministry and creative models of church expression –  which form Jesus-centered communities. We hope this will stir in our hearts our responsibility to equip, support and encourage ministry leaders in our context. Through these sessions together we pray we will be inspired and motivated about our role in the church and how God wants to use us to build His kingdom. Let’s remember God has no backup plan – we are it!!


Low Level Walks led by Dave Carter

Fresh air and footpaths. Cairns and Coffee shops. With this addition to Summer Studies we will enjoy low level walks, often ending up in a tea shop somewhere. Essentials you must bring: walking boots, wind & water proof clothing, hat, gloves, backpack, water bottle and appropriate physical fitness!

Art led by Rachel Cousins

We will be exploring creative ideas around keeping a journal/sketchbook focusing on drawing, painting and collage. Essentials you must bring: Art materials if you have particular favourites - but we will have a selection available for you to use.

Road Cycling led by Ray Cousins

Explore the Western reaches of the beautiful 'Way of the Roses' cycle-way, from Morecambe Bay to the Yorkshire Dales National Park. Cycling around 50 miles on longer trips, rest days and shorter trips included. Essentials you must bring: bike, helmet and wet weather gear.

Bible teachers

Derek Burnside

More about Derek

Derek Burnside is the Principal of Capernwray Bible School. He’s married to Penny, is a member of St Cuthbert’s Church in Over Kellet, and when not working enjoys cycling, swimming, squash, tennis, reading, film and theatre.

Sample talk by Derek

Jemma Wraight

More about Jemma

Jemma is the Outreach Coordinator at Capernwray Bible School. She is married to Matt and they live with their son at Capernwray.

Seidel Abel Boanerges

More about Seidel

Seidel is a Lecturer in Theology at Spurgeon's College, London. He teaches in the areas of Christian mission, evangelism, apologetics, world religions, preaching and ministerial training.

Seidel's website

A typical day at Equipped:

07.30 Early morning swim 
08.30 Breakfast 
09.30 Lecture 1 
10.40 Lecture 2 
11.00 Morning Break 
11.20 Lecture 3 
13.00 Lunch 
14.00 Zip Wires, Local Walk, Archery 
18.30 Evening Meal 
20.00 Lecture 4 
21.15 Beehive Cafe

"My time at Capernwray was beautiful. I had time to relax, be fed spiritually and physically (the food was lovely!) and it was a great place to meet new friends."

"Capernwray was a refreshing and happy experience. I was made to feel very welcome and enjoyed the fellowship."

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