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Expectations and benefits

We expect volunteers to contribute to essential parts of our life together, and gain many benefits too.

As a Christian Bible School and Conference centre, we strive for unity, courtesy, respect and harmony within our staff.

First off, all volunteers must be over the age of 18.

Bible studies and services

We believe our weekly staff Bible Study and the Sunday services are important for the spiritual well-being of our volunteers, and the Christian fellowship does all of us good. So we expect every volunteer to attend these.

During Bible School, we put each volunteer in a student family group, led by a member of staff, and we expect everyone to contribute to the group.

Working days

Our volunteers work full days, often in shifts, in food-service and housekeeping; maintenance and grounds, as pool attendants and in IT. They get one and a half days off per week.


As a volunteer, you will receive meals and dormitory accommodation. During Bible School and Conferences, you’ll also be welcome to attend lectures whenever you’re not working. You will benefit from a wonderful community of people, pastoral support and encouragement, and we’ll do all we can to make sure you gain as much as you give from your time at Capernwray.

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