Plants are captivating in all their variety. We will use the gardens around the Hall as inspiration, exploring ways to respond to the forms and colours we find there.

Come and join us as we use a sketchbook to experiment with diverse ways of observational drawing using pencils, paint, and collage. We will consider how a sketchbook can be used as a finished object or a place to gather information for the making of other work. We will be working in a regular sketchbook as well as using what we find to fashion a simple concertina sketchbook which each participant will make.

This workshop will be led by Rachel Cousins who worked as a gardener before becoming an artist. Rachel is intrigued by the marks she can make on the canvas or paper which create visual gardens, recording what is seen and felt, with every application of paint creating new possibilities. For Rachel, the garden speaks of life and death, nurture and decay, chance and intentionality, beauty, and mundanity, but most of all hope.

This week is a stand-alone programme but will work very well together with our “Retreat Week with Art“, allowing for a longer time to explore the subject matter and ways of working.

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